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11008429_1613656868864936_4601343370254746733_n Had the most incredible weekend with the great people of Cleveland at a Family Life Marriage Getaway! Ed and Amy you are both amazing speakers and it was so great to be with you again! Thanks to all the people who traveled a long way to make the weekend something very special: Wade and Joanne, Heather and Justin, Aaron and Bridget, Dave, Angel and Emily, Roger and Gloria, Dave and Jane and especially my dear friend Matt.

1509815_1604027813161175_1021202117617047847_n What’s better than Buffalo Wild Wings? Buffalo Wild Wings on your birthday with a great friend!

1625497_1603029513261005_3317923009373832028_n I want to welcome my niece Emily’s beautiful son Austin into the family! Austin makes my parents (Grammy and Bubba) great grandparents for the first time! Emily is a first time mom and my niece on my lap is known now in these parts as Aunt Olivia. My sister Heather (not seen in the picture) is as proud as can be to be a grandma! Wow! I’m the Great Uncle and I’m trying to keep it straight! Congrats to Everyone!

1978685_1600911743472782_4250655354654509606_n My mom is a big Detroit Tigers fan and one of her favorite players is our 3rd baseman, Nick Castellanos. I surprised her yesterday when we met Nick along with relief pitcher Joe Nathan. Both were really gracious guys to talk to. Mom must have thanked me twenty times on the way home, she was so excited! :) You are welcome mom; it was a lot of fun. (Nick is the one on the right and my mom is the pretty blonde.)

10858630_1580050858892204_929144943120152346_n Love these guys.

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