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10565240_1510359455861345_613833827549836699_n2 Marriage Matters: Feelings vs. True Love. So much of our lives are based on how we FEEL about things, but feelings are a shaky foundation for a marriage. The number one reason people get married is feelings. The number one reason people get divorced is feelings (bad feelings or lack of feelings). If we can’t trust our feelings, what do we base our marriage on? Check it out on the blog today.

10475453_1500744920156132_4496865628905753318_n Parenting with Purpose: Christian Camping. It’s summertime! One of the best things you can do for your kids is to get them involved in Christian camping. The last time I posted about this, I got some great comments from people regarding the incredible impact camp had on their lives! I would love to hear more! If you are stretched thin financially, most camps have scholarships for people who need a little extra help. We took advantage of that one summer when we had five different kids at four different camps. God has moved powerfully in all seven of our family members through Christian camping! Check it out…

10371752_1498201517077139_997042424001793341_n Anything you're hoping for this Father's Day Weekend? Same thing for me every year: A Detroit Tigers victory to enjoy with my family!

10156097_1496585587238732_8907835007719287782_s Do anything fun this weekend? Carol and I had breakfast for dinner at one of our favorite spots Friday Night. After dinner we spotted Right Choice's very own Greg and Sandy McDonough at the Tiger's game while we watched on TV.

1908039_1494741817423109_6137100923863767012_s Trusting God: Seven Years of Pain. As I write it is 6am Thursday morning. Yesterday was the 7th year anniversary of my accident when I hit my head. After all these years people are still asking me how it's going and for an update on the pain. If you or someone you love has chronic physical or emotional pain, please take a minute to read the blog post. Click here to get to the blog.

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