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1458617_1559514634279160_8854943570999427077_n We took a new family picture this week and want to say our first “Thank You” with it. Thank you to all the people who supported our two fundraisers. Thank you for “Liking” our page and thank you for giving! Because of your generosity and support we have raised thousands to reach more families and marriages! Our family is so deeply grateful. Today is the last Facebook day if you would still like to donate.

1901280_1559097307654226_6758994459137332263_n Please “Like” this post to help us spread the word about this fundraiser Oct.20-21. (If you are new to our family or ministry, please feel free to sit this out.) Marriages are in crisis and couples are dying for help. We have seen God’s hope and healing restore thousands of broken families and our passion is to reach more people! The need to reach these couples and families is so great that we have decided to expand our Mentoring and Marriage Ministries at Right Choice Communications, and we would love for you to be part of that. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today that will have a huge impact on someone’s marriage and family! No amount is too big or too small for the cause. Click here to donate:

1962644_1557928044437819_89694871143753115_n October 17th. One year ago today I said goodbye to my best man. Sitting next to his hospital bed, I had my hand on his chest and my dear friend Kim Bogert had her hand on his forehead. Together we told Steve to let go and grab onto Jesus. He took one last breath and went to Heaven. Save me a seat at the ballpark up there, pal. I can't wait to see the Tigers play the Angels.

10702237_1550559935174630_4544317580383503556_n 25! Twenty Five years ago today! Carol, you are the most amazing person I have ever met and I love you!

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