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10858630_1580050858892204_929144943120152346_n Love these guys.

10394027_1576293405934616_3778800538210656823_n We had a fantastic holiday weekend and everyone was home, which is rare these days. Andrew had to work on Saturday, so some of us went to Buffalo Wild Wings and sat in his section to cheer him on. His fellow workers were doing double takes when they saw Stephen. Andrew, you are a great server!

10365846_1563331920564098_23504797814641875_n Accountability Part II: I am doing life with a few good men that live close to my home. I share my struggles with them and they run the race with me. Do you or your spouse have a sin or bad habit you keep returning to? Accountability has changed my life. Read more on the blog today.

1380741_1562288670668423_4658824633818676351_n Accountability: One of the single most powerful ways God has touched me, healed me and grown me is through accountability. I have had the same accountability partner since high school and have met with him on Monday nights since about that time. Johnny Mathers has helped me be a better father, husband and man of God. He knows me inside and out and doesn’t let me get away with anything. John, thank you so much for the way you love me and everyone around you! You are a true servant of God. (By the way, if any of you have insurance needs, John can take great care of you.)

1458617_1559514634279160_8854943570999427077_n We took a new family picture this week and want to say our first “Thank You” with it. Thank you to all the people who supported our two fundraisers. Thank you for “Liking” our page and thank you for giving! Because of your generosity and support we have raised thousands to reach more families and marriages! Our family is so deeply grateful. Today is the last Facebook day if you would still like to donate.

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