Marriage Matters: Little Mighty Selflessness. It’s usually in what may appear as little things throughout the day that my wife Carol put’s her self before her husband. However, I am saying now that those little things add up and have had, and are having a mighty impact on my life! Being a selfless spouse does not come naturally. Everything in us, most of the time wants to serve ourselves. I am the most selfish person I know but Carol, who is not perfect but very selfless, has been an amazing example to me and that is life changing. My favorite moment from 2013 has to do with Carol’s selflessness and I have been excited to share it with you.

Carol and I were staying alone at the Great Wolf Lodge, which had a story time for kids in the evenings. I had heard earlier in the day that a raccoon character was going to visit story time that evening. I told Carol that we definitely needed to try to get a picture with the raccoon. Trust me when I say, this was the last thing Carol wanted to do. She reminded me that story time was for the little kids and that story time was just before her bedtime and that she would want to get tucked in and read her book around that time. She then told me if I really wanted to get the picture, she would do it.

I was excited! Story time came in the lobby that evening and there were dozens of kids sitting on the floor in front of the grandfather clock waiting for the bedtime story to begin. However, there was no raccoon in sight. The story started. Carol and I whispered to one of the employees, “Isn’t there suppose to be a raccoon here to take pictures with?’’ She said, “Yes, but that’s after story time and after the old grandfather clock puts on its show which lasts about 20 minutes all together. You guys could get a picture after the stories and of course after the kids have had a chance to get their pictures first.” Carol rolled her eyes and said, “I’m outta here.”Brett & Carol GreatWolf Pool

I laughed and turned to leave the hotel to speak at a late night youth event and Carol turned the other way to head back up to the hotel room. I was almost to the doors when I heard Carol whisper shouting my name. I turned around and saw her waving her hands and excitedly pointing down a hallway that I could not see. I whispered, “What?” She motioned with her hand and said half under her breath, “Come here! Fast!” What is she so excited about I wondered, she doesn’t even want to be down here?

I jogged over to her and looked down the hall and saw what she was pointing towards. There, half way down the long hall was the raccoon, waiting for his big moment with the kids. What I loved about this moment was that Carol looked so excited! She certainly wasn’t excited for herself. If I was her I would have seen that raccoon and kept walking to the elevator. Brett will never know the difference. I know it’s just a little thing, but her being so excited for me to get that picture meant a great deal to me. Once again she was putting me ahead of herself. Yes it’s a little thing but that kind of love is life changing.

Selflessness. It’s a powerful way to live. It is the way Christ calls us to live in our marriages. Jesus came to earth as the ultimate servant.

When I got home and looked at the picture, I realized that Carol looked even more excited then I did. Thanks, Honey.

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Brett & Carol Raccoon (medium)