Parenting with Purpose: Christian Camping. It’s summertime! One of the best things you can do for your kids is to get them involved in Christian camping. The last time I posted about this, I got some great comments from people regarding the incredible impact camp had on their lives! I would love to hear more! If you are stretched thin financially, most camps have scholarships for people who need a little extra help. We took advantage of that one summer when we had five different kids at four different camps. God has moved powerfully in all seven of our family members through Christian camping! Check it out…

Brett: I surrendered my life at a camp my church went to when I was 15 years old. I left home a rebellious runaway who had been kicked out of high school as a freshman. I came home a different person after praying to receive Christ into my life. Today, my two favorite camps are Lurecrest in the Mountains of North Carolina and Lake Ann Rock Summer Camp. Both I have the privilege of speaking at again this summer.Brett & Carol Lurecrest Cross

Carol: Carol grew up going to Simpson Park Camp in Romeo Michigan where her family spent a week every summer. God moved powerfully every year in Carol’s life as she grew up and made life-long friends who encouraged her to walk with God.

Mareah: Our youngest daughter Mareah (gray shirt) has followed in her mom’s footsteps by attending Simpson Park every year where she has also made some incredible friendships. Mareah recently told me that she finds it easiest to listen to God through the speakers that speak at camp.Mareah Simpson Park

Kelly: Kelly has two favorite camps: Camp Lurecrest where she grew up as a camper and Camp Barnabus where she has been a volunteer working with children with special needs. She will tell you that both camp experiences have been life changing!Kelly Barnabus (crop)

Andrew and Stephen: I put these two together not because they were born on the same day but because they both have a deep passion to serve God through being on staff at Camp Lurecrest! They grew up as campers at Lurecrest and now they are pouring their gifts and talents into this summer’s campers! This is Andrew’s second summer on staff and Stephen’s third.Boys with Chip Lurecrest

Joshua: Josh also fell in love with Lurecrest growing up there! I have lost track of how many summers he served at Lurecrest as a staff member but he has told me time and again how powerful it has been in his life. Some of Josh’s closest friends he met at Lurecrest!


Here’s what readers have said about camp. I love these! ‪

Julie Hiroskey I grew up attending Simson Park Camp In Romeo. It was there that I made the decision to give my life to God. I have so many wonderful memories and met some really great people. One who stands way above the rest is Carol Siders Ray – who became my college roommate. ‪

Laura Block Passero I accepted Christ and began my journey at Camp Barrakel when I was 12. Changed my life! Fun, friends and serious spiritual stuff. ‪

Bryan Norton Brett was my first camp pastor back in 1992 at Camp Lurecrest. That week changed my life.

‪Sandy McDonough I have had some amazing times at camp. One of the best I can remember was at Camp Adventure with Granger Community Church. I was a camp counselor for middle school kids and God showed up in a powerful way that week. Love this post, I would live at camp if I could! ‪

Gretchen Conklin Trinidad Only a few sentences?!?! Impossible My acceptance of Jesus as my saviour, my view of who God is, and His message of grace for all who are willing to receive it- I owe it all to Camp Lurecrest…some of the most amazing people of faith that I’ve known, I met at camp. I am a life that was changed! ‪

Karen Panse McNees I first went to Spring Hill Camps as a camper, when I was 11 years old. The next summer our family took the whole summer to work there, and it was such an amazing experience, we returned each summer for the next seven years! What impacted me the most was being around such authentic, “cool,” contagious college Christian role models during my adolescence. The faith in Jesus Christ that my parents had modeled was now evident all around me through the example of the counselors and staff. Their commitment, testimonies, and most importantly, love and acceptance/ encouragement for me, helped me to embrace my own faith journey. I still look back at my camp “family” as such an important foundation for who I am and what I cling to! God uses people to be His hands and feet, and that is what I got to be a part of with my brothers and sisters at Spring Hill Camps. Brett, we enjoyed the summer we shared at SHC with you and Carol, and how your stories, your humor, your willingness to serve…all became part of what God has used in my life and in the lives of others! Remembering how many teens accepted Christ as Savior that summer alone, in part because of your faithfulness in sharing Him (you didn’t just keep your story to yourself!), is something I will never forget! Keep on!! ‪

Darinand Susan I was a counselor for Salvation Army’s Camp Allegheny. I will never forget leading a little 5-year-old boy to Jesus…..most precious experience ever!


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