Back From Summer Camp! The Lord gave me the opportunity this past two months to speak 28 times to hundreds of amazing teenagers about the unfailing love of Jesus of Nazareth! It was, once again, an incredible summer! I know I have said this before but this is the most fun and rewarding time I have ever had in ministry. God is crazy about these kids and Carol and I are so humbled and thrilled to still be a part of youth ministry. All the stories from the campers, staff and parents this summer touched our hearts so deeply.

Camp counselors told us over and over that their camper’s favorite part of the day was going to chapel and hearing the stories that point the way towards the cross. More than one staff member said to me, “It’s not only my campers favorite part of the day but it is mine as well!” This means a great deal to me because it is very important to me to be ministering to the staff as well as the campers.IMG_2758

After each camp was over we received dozens of letters from parents who told us the same thing, each in their own unique way, “Our kids came home from camp changed because of what God did in their hearts and lives! Our kids have not stopped talking about what they learned as you shared from God’s Word. Thank you for ministering to our children!”

I am 47 years old. I am balding and turning gray. I am watching God move powerfully in these teenagers’ lives and I cannot take any credit for what is happening. The Holy Spirit is at work opening the eyes of these kids and pulling them out of the darkness. God is just allowing us to have front row seats to watch him at work and we are amazed! Thank you God!

Thank you to all the fearless camp directors this summer who made camp possible! Thanks Jeremy, David, Mark, Perry, Rick and Tim!

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