Dear Carol,

After 25 years of marriage there are a few short things I want to say.

I am amazed that after such a long time you still have this effect on me. When we are apart, even for a day, when I see you again I get excited and think, “There she is!”

Holding hands with you is still a big deal to me.

No one makes me as angry as you do and then can have me laughing at my own foolishness before I know what happened.

There is no one’s laughter that I enjoy listening to as much as yours and I think our five children agree with me on that.

Speaking of our children, they all admire you.

When we team up to do teaching, I am always so proud of you.

You are, by far, the most beautiful person I have ever met.

You are still the great mystery I have never solved.

When you get close to me, my heart still beats faster.

You are a godly wife,

A passionate lover,

An incredible mom,

And my very best friend.

I have never met anyone who believes in me the way you do and that has changed my life forever.

I love you, Carol Ann