Stories from a Life by Brett Ray

Book CoverSimon Peter drops his nets, steps out of the boat, and begins to follow Jesus. What an amazing picture of a man letting go of his former way, and now putting his trust in the hands of a gracious God.

Through his passion for storytelling, Brett Ray takes us on a journey of his true life encounters that illustrate the power of what God can accomplish when we truly let go of our lives and trust Him with everything we are.

Softcover book – 131 pages

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Story of Return by Brett Ray

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Story of Return is the journey of a fifteen year old who had been kicked out of high school, run away from home, and was living a life of drug abuse. On a Spring youth retreat in Indiana, Brett thought he was going to drown in the lake. While under the water he began to do business with God, and later that evening, Brett surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. This is a story of how God the Father can change a hardened heart and bring peace into a life of pain.
Audio CD – Approximate time 45 minutes

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