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  • Parenting Tip-Courageous Parenting 4/4/17

    Be courageous as you parent.

    Here’s one for us all. Ask your kids no matter their ages,”If there was one thing you could change about me, what would it be?”

    Then listen and grow. Don’t get defensive. Just learn and grow.

    One time my daughter said, “You are perfect just the way you are!” I replied, “No really, come on. Give me something to work on.”

    She said, “Okay. Let me go get my list!”

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  • Marriage Tip-Sarcasm 3/28/17

    I can naturally be a critical and sarcastic person. My mouth has gotten me into a lot of trouble in my marriage.

    Because of this, I have set a goal to pay my wife Carol at least one compliment a day.

    She knows it’s coming.

    She also knows it has to be 100% genuine to count.

    This has really helped to keep the criticism out of our marriage and has allowed me to stay positive and encouraging throughout the day.

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  • Parenting Tip-One Word 3/21/17

    One Word.

    If you could describe your mom or dad in one word, good or bad, what would it be? Hero. Absent. Supportive. Angry. Loving. Drunk. Faithful.

    For me, the word for my dad would be “Loyal”. How about your mom? My mom in one word would be “Laughter”.

    Now, if your kids described you in one word, what would they say? Would it be positive or negative? If you think it’s negative, you can change that. Start today. Make a difference.

    Parenting is tough. Our kids don’t always like us. Bottom line though, they need to know we are always in their corner rooting them on.

    I know it’s a simple concept, but one a lot of people lose sight of in day-to-day living. Parent in such a way to have a positive impact on your kids, not a negative one. Keep that in front of you everyday in everything you do.

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  • Family & Parenting Tip-Dinner At Home 3/14/17

    I recently heard one of my sons talking with someone about something that was significant to him as he was growing up: Suppertime.

    It was very important to Carol and me to try and have a sit-down dinner several days a week, and our kids loved this. Nothing too fancy. Pizza on Fridays. Something simple we could all gather around and share.

    University of Michigan did a study of young adults who were living healthy and productive lives. There was a common thread in those interviewed. These adult children had parents, or a single parent, while growing up who made it a priority to have a sit-down dinner at home on a regular basis.

    So many great memories were made in our family as we took time to have a meal together. If this is a struggle for your family, start with once a week and be encouraged. Try to eventually work on adding another day after that one meal becomes a habit.

    It may take rearranging some priorities, but each of my grown children would say that even if it wasn’t perfect, our meals together were always time well spent and very memorable.

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